The Stardocs Story

Do you ever feel like companies, individuals and government bodies aren’t transparent? We hate that, so here we are putting all our cards on the table.

Our company’s competitive advantage:

Exclusive contracts with local ABC or NBC affiliates to provide health content.  Very successful high-end Healthy Magazine in each location, and unique formulas for pinpointing, low-cost PPC success. We connect health providers with clients in their local communities.

Our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and our strategy:

Overall, marketing is very competitive; online marketing, especially so. Companies like OrangSoda, SEO, and Dex all have evolved towards the online marketing space, but each lack a constant content component that weathers the persistent shifts from Google and other search engines.  Our emphasis on well placed, highly visible content has proved very effective, and will always be in demand by search engines, and our affiliation with TV media outlets multiplies that effect.

How do we get clients to stay with us?

Our concise and effective online marketing services, coupled with distribution of a local Healthy Mag and TV Media’s complimentary promotion of our Healthy brand affiliation all combine to make clients love to stay with us. Retention is a factor of high end customer service and valid results. Also, we generally secure only one client per specialty per city, which means we can be loyal to our clients. Also, clients love how highly visible they become because of the online media, and the magazine.

Who uses Stardocs?

Healthcare professionals who service the healthcare sector—Doctors, providers, pharmacies, clinics, accountants, financial planners, attorneys—operate in a highly competitive space and have moved to online marketing. They generally resist advertising but seek to educate, so widespread content is appealing to them as a way to be the recognized expert. Our model is ripe for this sector and our exclusivity clause builds retention as they don’t want competitors to secure the spot.
Our focus is on the top 100 cities with a media affiliate in each, building the Healthy brand with exclusive client advisors in every specialty. Professional online competition in each local market generates a tremendous opportunity for marketing professionals like us.

How do we make money?

Content marketing, Website design, Magazine space, SEO, PPC.

What is our vision for clients?

For our clients, reputation and public perception is everything. Key customer benefits are client leads and brand recognition as the local expert in their field. Exclusive local media affiliation, plus locally-branded, directly-distributed Healthy Magazine, plus progressive SEO/PPC practices, plus a powerful health portal is our equation for excellence. We help clients educate and dialogue with the public as the exclusive advisor for a local TV station and Healthy Magazine.

What problem do we solve?

Today’s professional must reach new consumers in new electronic ways, but also in traditional ways. We accomplish this by positioning clients as a recognized expert with a steady stream of stealth-placed content and high-end PPC/SEO techniques. We design/maintain their website in a mobile-friendly environment, and help index them on search engines as the most vibrant source of pertinent content. They are exclusive in Healthy publications, prominent on a media website, and top the search engines.

What’s the future like for us?

Promoting our Healthy local brands (, we’ve been in two markets averaging solid revenues for 5 years.  In the last 6 months we’ve signed 6 NBC affiliates. Gannett is inviting us to grow into 60 other media markets. We own 300 healthy-city URL’s, which are live.  Conservatively, we should be in three new markets by 2016.

Who’s on our team?

John A. Anderson, MBA, CEO, Editor in Chief –
John Anderson wrote the Costa Vida executive plan to secure $8m funding for an initial 6 locations. He created the marketing plan that grew them from 6 to 25 locations (now + 100) increasing same-store sales over three years by double-digit percentages. He also headed the creation of the Blue Lemon marketing plan, another restaurant, including design and branding. They grew from 1 to 5 locations in 3 yrs. John and Ken Shepherd co-founded Healthy Magazine brand with over 300 owned & trademarked local brands. Over 1,000 clients,  2.3M words published, 3-time Society of Professional Journalist winners.

Ken Shepherd, MBA, CTO, Partner
Co-founder of the Healthy Magazine brand and Stardocs.  Ken is a digital and inbound marketing expert. Since 1995 he has been helping businesses embrace and implement web-based marketing solutions. PPC, SEO, and local search guru. Web designer and developer. PHP/MySQL, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop.  For the past 16 years Ken has been helping doctors, dentists and health businesses compete in a constantly evolving online marketplace, establish themselves as market leaders in their specialty and ultimately deliver new patients and assist in growing their practices.

Lyn Timboe, COO

Lyn is an extremely accomplished professional with extensive business management and skillful administrative support. Dedicated and focused, she’s able to prioritize and complete multiple tasks and follow through to achieve goals. Independent and self-motivated professional with excellent writing and communication skills, able to grow positive relationships with clients & colleagues at all organization levels. Successful in process improvement, sales, marketing, administrative duties, executive support, customer service, and knowledgeable in industry trends.

Phil Chadwick, CDO
A graphic designer with 20+ years of experience. Period.

Michael Richardson, Managing Editor
A journalist who oversees content creation for the award-winning Healthy Magazine publications.  Michael is an experienced writer, reporter, and interviewer. I currently work as the managing editor for Healthy Utah magazine, and as a writer/editor for ABC4’s health section. In addition, he has experience in the non-profit sector, working for an organization called Dowser, founded by influential author and journalist David Bornstein. Staying atop the ever changing world, Michael also has honed extensive experience managing social media platforms, including Facebook and Google +. SEO, content management systems and web languages have also been part of my work for the last two years.   Specialties: Writing, Writer Management, Spanish, WordPress, HTML