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Scott Adelman, MD The SMART Clinic

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Russell A. Foulk, MD Utah Fertility Center

I broke off from another medical group a few years ago and started a new lap-band practice. Stardocs helped me establish a new brand, capitalizing on the Stardocs features, built a compelling web presence and a successful marketing strategy. Within a few months I was at the top of Google’s search rankings for all of my targeted key words. I’m very impressed with their results and professionalism.

Darrin Hansen, MD Utah Lap-Band

Stardocs helped me expand into four markets and now I dominate online as the premier allergist in the state. Their approach is pretty powerful.

Douglas Jones, MD Rocky Mountain Allergy

Since 2001 we've flourished with Stardocs' unique marketing services, solidifying our position as the #1 Lasik service in the West!

Phillip C. Hoopes, MD Hoopes Vision Correction

The Stardocs program is excellent. Our expenditure is truly paying off. You folks are great. You are the third firm I have entrusted to get online results. The first two failed after an expense of about $25k. Without question, Stardocs is my favorite. Keep up the good work!

Michael R. Braun | Director Physicians’ Research Options, LLC


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  • Altius Health Plans – since 2001
  • Hoopes Vision Correction – since 2001
  • Mountainstar Healthcare – since 2001
  • Intermountain Healthcare – since 2005
  • Physician Research Options – since 2005

  • Utah Lap Band – since 2007
  • Rocky Mountain Allergy – since 2007
  • Elite Smiles of Utah – since 2001
  • The Smart Clinic – since 2003
  • Utah Fertility Center – since 2007